CFD simulation in AR

A 3D model of full-port ball valve with an actuator. The valve is in a partially open position, and a vertical cut-away reveals the cross-section of the valve.

Ball valves are one of the most commonly used quarter-turn valves in the industries around the world. They are well known for their durability and reliability, which makes them a high preference choice for both shut-off and as a control application. Ball valves are widely used in the oil and natural gas industry, but also find a place in many manufacturing sectors, chemical storage, and even residential uses.

Here, we have simulated the fluid flow inside a full-port ball valve using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to understand the behavior of fluid when the valve is opened at 30 deg opening position. Using CFD, we are able to visualize the fluid flow inside the valve and evidence what is the flow path and the flow separation due to obstruction caused by the mid-way open ball valve.

Augmented Reality (AR), give this CFD simulation a more sensible appearance bringing the CFD simulation results to a real-world scenario and helping us better interpret the fluid flow inside the full port ball valve.
Experience CFD results in AR
This AR animation presents the results of CFD simulation performed on a ball valve using simulationHub. The animation consists of a set of flowlines representing the streamline paths and particle velocity throughout the geometry.